Cannondale 2.8 (1993-1996)

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The Cannondale 2.8 was the successor to the 3.0 and introduced in 1993. Utilizing state-of-the-art, advanced tube profiles, the Cannondale pushed the limits for lightness while remaining stiff.

For example, the “Power Pyramid” downtube ballooned in diameter as it approached the bottom bracket. (This feature is still retained in Cannondale’s elite aluminum road frames today.) The top tube was ovalized vertically at the head tube and horizontally at the seat tube junctions.
This Cannondale retained the company’s patented cantilevered chainstays from the 3.0.

Due to the extremely thinness of the tube walls, the frame is rather easily dented (as are all of Cannondale’s cutting-edge race-ready frames today). Such is the penalty for have a frame that weighs only 2.8 lbs. in 56-cm size.

Bicycle models in this series include:

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  1. Scott Capuano wrote:

    I have the frame that is discribed above except the series is a Cannondale SR500. This frame is Black and Fade to Purple. I am trying to find out what year this frame was made. Pls assist

  2. John Graham wrote:

    I purchased my Cannondale R900 from a buddy a few years ago. I have been amazed how it still keeps up with the newer bikes and is still very light and fast. One question: It is a red R900 with silver lettering and black accents…any idea what year that color scheme was sold? After looking at the online reviews, it appears I have a great older bike on my hands!

  3. Robert wrote:

    John….. 1996. I have owned my matte red one since ‘96 and still puttin miles on it.

  4. Jarrod wrote:

    I have just purchased a Cannondale 2.8 road frame from a friend. He doesn’t know what year it is. It is purple with black decals. says 2.8 aluminium on the top tube. any idea what model and year this would be?

  5. Henk wrote:

    I own a R800 silver/red one, I think build in 1994. Still a very fine frame to ride on. Did a lot of effort to catch a copy of the very rare-sized threaded headset (1 1/4″). In the end I found one on the internet and now he’s back on track again. Like John said, it still competes with modern bikes!

    (PS. Robert, your site is hard to read, with the black text on dark red background. Maybe change the background color?)

  6. RJ wrote:

    I’ve owned a matte blue 2.8 that I purchased back when C’dale was doing $300 frame trades. I built it up with Campy Chorus 9-speed and it’s still going strong.
    I am looking for either another matte blue or the matte red to build up as a commuter. If y’all know of an available frame and fork or even a complete bike, I am definately inerested.

  7. jessica wrote:

    nice article, but I think the 2.8series was introduced in 1992.

  8. John Jackson wrote:

    I see at vintage cannondale the 2.8 was introduced in 1992 not 1993.

  9. Barry Sheppard wrote:

    Message for RJ if you are still looking for a red 900 2.8 series i have one. Recently went carbon! It is a great bike nothing at all wrong with the frame. I had to replace the wheels a few years back and the brake leaves/gear change too. Other than that it is original spec

    Let me know if you are interested

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